Monday, July 9, 2012

Grandma Visit. June 2012

Mom came for a visit.
All the way from Tennessee.
A much needed trip for us all.
It's no fun not having mom around full time.
She's one of those mom's you don't mind living just down the street. 
Maybe one day God will allow us to all live somewhere together.
But for now, we make do and praise Him for where He has each of us and that we are allowed to get together when we can.  

Day 1: Sunday
Gracie's 1st ever Dance Recital.

Theme: Little Red Riding Hood

OH my gosh I was so proud.
She was the girl who never stopped smiling, remembered her entire dance, went the correct way even when everyone else went the wrong way and kept looking at the audience.  What a little performer. And, the best thing is that their teacher choreographs appropriate dances for them.  Not inappropriate moves like I sadly tend to see all the time at recitals.  They got to be childlike.  Brilliant.

And, she does it with confidence.
My little performer.

After the show mom and Loren brought her flowers.

Mrs. Sara, whom we will miss very much next year.

To celebrate, Grace chose to go to Sugar Thai for dinner.
Mom's first time at a Thai restaurant.
One of my favorite foods: Phad Thai

Family Game night is a big thing in our household.
We've actually had game night every single night before bed for two months straight now.
Night one of mom's visit (well, night two...the first night she arrived at 11pm.  Not the right timing for game night) we taught her how to play Apples to Apples.   Can I just say that we laughed a whole heck of a lot.  Laugher is hands down my favorite thing.

Day 2

Kindergarten Graduation

Walking to school

Stopping to smell the flowers....always

In front of Gracie's class
Man, that girly is always dragging her jackets on the ground.  

While waiting for the graduation to start we ran home
and decorated.  Thank you Dollar Tree!  $3 and voila 

Kindergarten 2012 Graduation.
Sniff, sniff

They sang two songs which had dance moves to go along with them

Graduation hats made out of construction paper.

Celebration Time

Walking up to get her certificate 

Mrs. Foley, her Kindergarten teacher

The entire class

Her teacher is incredible and put together some amazing
memorabilia for us to bring home.
Totally speaking my love language

Never a dull moment.  She's been trying to "get" me since she was 4 months old.
Some things never change.

Next up a picnic at Olmstead State Park

I did take some photos of the two of them.
But they are a secret still.
Sorry to make you wait, Mom.


Grandma brought Grace the coolest lady bug Frisbee.

And, Utopia
We were hot and tired.  A perfect way to cool down.

Awww Jake.  Right before we took him to the vet to find out that he'd have to be put down the following day.

Saying her goodbyes 

Day 3: Tuesday

Mom getting her 1st ever pedicure.  
And by golly she liked it!
Ok, she LOVED it!

After school and lunch we went to the Kittitas County Museum

And, to the library

And, to D&M to try a...oh no....I can't remember the name of it.
Italian Soda??  What ever it was it was good. Thanks for the treat mom.

And, a final goodbye to Jake.
Appropriately in the background is the movie Where The Wild Things Are.
We love and miss you Jake but know now that you are not in pain anymore and can see with your beautiful big blue eyes.  You were the best cat Jake and Loren will continue to sing ridiculous songs with your name in it.
Bailey must have been tired

Day 4
Leavenworth, WA

A glorious lunch treated by my mom and a round or two of Uno to pass the time while we waited for our Crepes 

Yea, this is our family at it's best

After a long day of walking and shopping and eating we rested

we rested while Grace danced and blew bubbles

And, for some reason Blogger will not let me upload any other pictures today.  Odd.  Hmmm....
Will finish up another day.

What a great StayCation for us and Vacation for my mom.
Every time I think about it I will have fond memories to keep me going until our next visit.